Eagle Projects

How to Become an Eagle Scout

Once you are a Life scout please talk to one of the Eagle Advisors to start planning your Eagle project. Remember the Eagle project is for you to show your leadership and initiative, and you will set the pace. Just like MBCs, the Eagle Advisors are volunteering their time to guide you so be respectful of their time and be diligent in their communication.

Below are the Eagle advisors in Troop 126. We are looking for more adults to volunteer to be advisors. If interested please contact Bobinder Singh or Kirsten Hayden.

1. Kirsten Hayden

2. Bobinder Singh

3. Satish Rayapudi

Here are the links to the Eagle Project workbook and application:



Past Eagle Projects:

Planter Boxes:

Our first Eagle Scout built planter boxes for the children's playground at a domestic violence shelter started by SAVE. Her first session consisted of the scouts building the planter boxes whilst during her second session she painted the planter boxes using vibrant colors and planted flowers in them.

Kids Against Hunger:

One of our scouts joined hands with KAH to help package food for Ukrainian refugees in need. She first needed to raise money to buy the food and she achieved this by starting a bake sale! In order to spread the word about her bake sale, she set up an event to create and hang posters. In the end, she surpassed her goal of 16,000 meals, and made a total of 23,544 meals!

Blood Drive:

Another one of our scouts organized a blood drive to help Red Cross as it was facing a blood shortage due to the pandemic. This scout was hoping to help people all around the world and get them to start going to donate blood once more. She realized the need and saw that one bag of blood could help save 3 people! She started by having a session to create flyers and give out flyers. Then, she trained scouts in how to check people in. Overall, this was a great help to Red Cross!

Clothing Drive:

One of our scouts started a clothing drive for South Asian ethnic clothes to help an organization called the Hidaya foundation. The foundation then sends the clothes to places in Pakistan and other areas in Asia. This scout had a scouts spread the word and also advertised door-to-door. In order to spread the word faster, she had a session for flyer creation and distribution. She then had another two sessions, one to collect clothing and another to package the clothes up.

Hygiene Drive:

The hygiene drive was started in order to create 100 sanitary kits to the Building Futures Organization. She had 3 sessions to get hand out door hangers and then had 2 sessions to go around and collect donations. Then, she had 2 final sessions to package the kits and get them ready to send out.

Shiva-Vishnu Temple Shelves:

This scout had three sessions to paint and stain the wood she was going to use to make durable shoe racks for her local temple, the Shiva Vishnu Temple. This was part of the 'prefabrication' stage. Next, she had two sessions to make the shelves at the temple itself. This was overall in order to keep the parts outside the temple neat and tidy, without cluttered shoes everywhere.

Financial Curriculum Teaching:

This project included having the scouts go to Martin Luther King Jr. High School to teach a financial curriculum to high school students, in order to get them to learn about their finances once they grow up.

Mental Health Lesson:

This scout took a video to help students at DVHS learn about mental health. Her first session was script writing while the next two were for taking a video of the actual lesson. She asked scouts to bring their computers in order to help with the editing. In the video, she aimed to give students ways to deal with stress.