TroopMaster How-To's

TroopMaster How-To’s

Registering for an Event

All activities a scout goes on with the Troop will be created in Troopmaster by the Troop Adult Leaders.

All registration and payment for these outings will be through Troopmaster.

At present only the adults have access to Troopmaster so you will need to go in and register and pay for all outings you want your scout to go on.

Note that this is outings - you do not need to register for the Tuesday Troop evenings although they are in Troopmaster for completeness.

When you go into Troopmaster you will see a menu at the top called "Activities". Click on this and select "Activity Management".

A list of all activities that your scout can go on will be listed out. If a registration has not been activated yet by the Troop leadership it will not appear here, so it is possible that you have heard about a specific outing, but it is not yet open for registration so you will not be able to see it yet.

To go into an outing click on the "view" button for it in the righthand side and it will bring up a window where you can see details about the event.

Go to the registration tab in this new window. There should be some green text that says "Click here to register for this event".

This will open a new window in your browser and there will be large letters in the middle of the screen saying "Registering as [YOUR NAME]" and underneath it an orange box that says "Switch to [SCOUT NAME]. Click on the orange box to switch to the scout's name.

Then click on the blue tick for RSVP "yes" and click submit RSVP.

Due to needing to meet adult to scout ratios for scouting there is a limit on the number of places for each outing, which as the troop grows we have been hitting more frequently. If there is no more room on the outing Troopmaster will default your rsvp back to "no". If this is the case please contact the Scoutmaster. We will try to get more ASMs or adults going on the outing so we can increase the number of scouts going, but we can't guarantee this, or we may have hit the practical limit. Therefore, it's always good to register early for events. That means a) you're more likely to get a spot and b) it gives the Scoutmaster more time to get additional adults to attend the outing if need be. Please do not leave it until the day before to register for outings, the registration will have closed - and the QM and the ASM will have already sorted out things like tents, food etc, so don't leave it until the last minute to register.

Underneath this you will then see one, or several paypal buttons for the event. If it is a free event you will see the text "No payment options defined for this event". Please then click on the appropriate paypal button and pay for the event through paypal. Note that due to the number of scouts this is the ONLY payment method we are accepting for events as Troopmaster automatically records the payment for us as it is made. We cannot expect our treasurer to be keeping track of cash or cheques for different outings for different scouts and these would not be visible directly to the adult leaders.

One last thing, though that is VERY IMPORTANT. Every outing has a permission slip. This will be created in Troopmaster. Go back to the "registration" tab for the outing and you will see green text that says "Permission slip". You need to download, print, fill it in and sign this permission slip. Then give it to your scout to hand in at the next Troop meeting.


This is about the only item we ask the parent to regularly check with their scout "Have you handed in the permission slip?". If you go into the outing a week or two later in Troopmaster, there is a column in the "attendance" tab for permission slip and you should see a tick here. For legal reasons we must have the permission slip. If the Adult leaders do not have permission slips from your scout they should be reaching out to you a couple of weeks before the event asking where it is, but do not rely on this.

Underneath are some videos to help scouts and parents know how to access key information and etc. Please take a look whenever needed.

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