Cleaning Instructions

ALL equipment should be Clean and dry, inside and out!


Tents should be set up and aired out the day we return from an outing even if you don’t think they got wet (they probably did). Vacuum or sweep the inside and wash with a damp towel if very dirty. Also clean the plastic ground tarp with a damp cloth (if it stays wet in the tent bag it can also damage the tent). Do not pack the tent again until completely dry or it will mildew and will need to be thrown away. Check if the 2 poles are bent or damaged so they can be replaced. There should be 6 red stakes. If you are missing any, please let the Quartermaster know so they can be replaced. Cost to get replacement stakes is $2 (they are expensive).

Small Cooler

Coolers should be clean and DRY, inside and out.


Stoves should be wiped down inside and out. Make sure knobs are on the off position.


Wash ALL utensils even if you didn’t use them as they get dirty being out in the open. 


Wash ALL pots even if you didn’t use them as they get dirty being out in the open. The entire kit can be washed in the dishwasher. Burned on food can be removed with a S.O.S.

Wash Kits

Wash and dry again. Make sure you have the soap container and half sponge. Replacement sponges are available if you ask the Quartermaster.

If any items are missing or broken, please let the Quartermaster know so replacement parts can be found. Many times another kit from the outing has your extra parts.

As always – our Troop equipment is your equipment so treat it as is if belongs to you because… IT DOES – our Troop funds (your parents) pay for it.

As per the equipment policy you may be responsible to replace damaged or missing items.