Advancement Checklists

*** Please include a parent in your emails to meet the BSA Youth Protection Policy on digital communications. ***

Guide to Advancement

Rank Advancement

  1. Confirm all rank advancement requirements are completed and signed off in your Scout handbook.
  2. For Star, Life and Eagle Ranks, email the Advancement Chair for a progress report to review the rank requirements recorded in TroopMaster. It is also helpful to bring your progress report to the Scoutmaster Conference in case there are any questions on your progress and completed requirements.
  3. Request a Scoutmaster Conference by sending an email to
  4. After completing the Scoutmaster Conference, send an email to to request a BOR*. In your email, please confirm that you had your Scoutmaster Conference or indicate when it is scheduled.

*A BOR with the Advancement Chair is NOT required for the Scout or Eagle Rank.

Merit Badges

  1. Get the merit badge blue card from Scoutmaster
  2. Confirm all merit badge requirements are completed.
  3. Submit merit badge blue card to the Counselor to review and sign.
  4. Submit merit badge blue card to the Scoutmaster to review and sign.

The Scoutmaster will give the signed blue card to the Advancement Chair to record in TroopMaster. The merit badge(s) and the Scout’s copy of the blue card(s) will be presented at the Court of Honor.