Historian's Corner


The BSA Girl Troop 126 was formed in February 2019 in San Ramon by Mr. Shane Duan as the founder Scoutmaster, Mr. James Mar as Recruiting Chair, and Mr. David Hetherington as Committee Chair.


We did our first summer camp in June 2019 at Camp Oljato. It was one of the most interesting experiences with access to the campground by boat!

Although the food wasn’t very good, it was a very fun first summer camp for the troop. Along with all of the songs and skits we learned, the counselors made every merit badge and activity enjoyable and memorable. One of the troop’s favorite activities while at camp was the polar bear plunge. Those who participated in jumping into the icy waters of the lake at 6:00 AM seemed to love it. Others who passed on the opportunity definitely regretted afterward. Being on a mountain, there were lots of places to get hurt but it didn’t take the joy out of it.

Del Valle

Our camping trip to Del Valle was probably the worst campout out of every single one we have done. We had planned to do a five-mile hike but after taking a wrong turn, it turned into an 8.5-mile hike in the heat. Everyone had countless bug bites. There were so many bugs that five people had to go home either the night we got there or the next morning after getting bit too many times. There were always spiders and ants that found their way into the tents that made people have to move to different tents. Although, the food and desserts we made were pretty good.

Mount Diablo

At the Mount Diablo campout, not only did scouts get to compete in a competition for the best meal every single mealtime, but we got close to the wildlife. During our campfire, a cuple of scouts were getting some of their things from their tent and met some glowing eyes in the bushes. There were raccoons that got attracted to some food in a a tent and managed to rip a hole in the tent to get to it. We only noticed this after dark and had to spend time moving the scout's things to a seperate tent. The next morning we found prints around our campsite showing that raccoons had come there that night look for food. It was definitely a night to remember and since then the whole troop has never been more careful about storing their food at night



When COVID 19 struck our county and we were put in a shelter-in-place, our troop didn’t stop our activities. Of course, we can’t physically go on campouts, but we can have camp-ins. Specifically, there is a council-wide camp-in, camping inside of our house, so that scouts can do everything that they would do on a campout at home. This is over a zoom meeting. We have continued to do our meetings virtually and going over verbal requirements and figuring out how to do physical requirements at home. Troop meetings and PLC meetings are held over zoom. The council has also set up merit badges over zoom so that scouts can continue doing activities.

Troop 126 History


BSA Girl Troop 126 of San Ramon, one of the first girl troops in the Bay Area, was founded in February of 2019. The adult leaders that made this troop possible were Mr. Shane Duan (Scoutmaster), Mr. James Mar (Recruiting Chair), and Mr. David Hetherington (Committee Chair). 2019 was the first year of the troop and the unforgettable ‘first time’ memories we made are ones we will always look back upon.



During one of the very first meetings, 02/05/2019, we introduced ourselves, attempted setting up tents for the first time, made waggles, and chose patrols, names, patrol positions, and yells. We recall coming up with funny names of animals and vegetables to put together a catchy name and voting on them afterwards. A Troop Guide from another San Ramon boys troop shortly explained scouting to us and handed us our first neckerchiefs and badges.


On our 03/26/2019 troop meeting, we had a troop cookout to start practicing our cooking, planning, and cleaning skills that we were learning. We all worked together to plan a meal that included the MyPlate food groups and designated tasks. We got to work before sunset: cutting, cleaning, and cooking. It was definitely a first time experience, cooking as a troop, and we had a lot of fun while learning necessary skills. We made burritos which we got to eat in the dimly lit lights of Gale Ranch Middle School after it got dark.


With the help of troop guides from Troop 201 and adult leaders, we worked on earning our Totin’ Chips this troop meeting. We practiced using pocket knives and sharpening them and learned the safety of these tools.

One-Day Events (Hikes, Trainings, etc.)

03/19/2019 ILST

On 03/19/2019, we had our first troop ILST, Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops, training. The training was held in a conference setting with Troop 805, our brother troop. We were taught leadership training skills such as having a vision and making SMART goals. In addition, we did fun bonding activities to make the training all the more interesting. One of the activities we did was a teamwork activity as we all worked in teams and competed to build a free-standing tower using spaghetti sticks and tape the fastest. Albeit our tower fell immediately, it was a learning experience.

04/04/2019 First Hike

On 04/04/2019 we had our first troop hike at Las Trampas Regional Park. Getting started, we had no idea that this was going to be the hike that we would remember for a long time. We all met at the park where it was slightly drizzling as it had raining the night before. We encountered piles of mud as we started up our hike and slipped and fell in the slippery mud more times than we could count. Our boots got stuck in the mud and our gear was covered in it by the time we had gotten out. Adding getting lost once to the mix, it felt as if we were just traveling in circles. The experience was definitely memorable and one we will never forget.

05/11/2019 Traffic Safety Merit Badge

On 05/11/2019, our troop went to K1 Speed to learn the requirements of the Traffic Safety Merit Badge. After learning several requirements inside about Traffic Safety and some very surprising ones about rules while biking, some scouts stayed behind to race cars, half following the speed-limit rules we had learned. :)

5/13/2019 Flag Ceremony at DVHS Stadium

We led a flag ceremony at the DVHS stadium and a group of scouts helped display the flags on the field and lead the ceremony.


04/06/2019-04/07/2019 Pre-Camporee

Pre-camporee was our first campout as a troop. We were preparing for Camporee, a fun scouting camp with many other troops. It was only one night to get prepared and we practiced setting up tents, cooking meals, and putting up flags. Putting up flags ended up being something that we did need to practice because during the first night, a scout had tripped on the rope holding the flag up and the flap almost collapsed on another scout. Other than that, the campout went smoothly and we had a campfire during the night. We told stories and performed skits during the campfire and learned many skills.

04/26/2019-04/28/2019 Camporee

During the 2019 Camporee, we did a lot of fun activities including archery, scavenger hunts, relay races, obstacle courses, built shelters, and so much more. The camp was open to explore in patrols so we had a lot of fun patrol bonding time that connected us more as a patrol and a troop. We met a lot of new troops and scouts and also learned that we needed a much louder troop yell. The Howling Wolves patrol won second place in the cooking competition with a very nicely displayed burrito.

June Summer Camp Oljato

Our first summer camp in June 2019 at camp Oljato. We drove around four hours to the camp and crossed a river by boat to get to the campsite. The camp was on a mountain and scouts who did the Archery merit badge could tell you that the hike up the mountain to the Archery range wasn’t simple. Although the food wasn’t the best, it was a very fun camp overall. Along with all the songs and skits we got to learn and perform, the camp counselors made every activity and merit badge enjoyable and memorable. One of the troop’s favorite activities at camp was the Polar Bear Plunge. Those who participated in jumping into the icy waters at 6:00 AM seemed to love it and those who didn’t regretted it afterwards. The water activities were memorable along with the campfires and star night where we got to see the stars from a boat in the lake. Being on the mountain, there was lots of chances of getting injured but that didn’t take the joy out of the camp.