Upcoming Events

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Start Date: 06/18/22, 3:30PM

End Date: 06/18/22, 4:45PM

All Day: No

Amount: 15

Location: 1931 1st Avenue, Walnut Creek

Description: The scouts will be first gathering outside of Lindsay Wildlife Museum to observe trees, collect data as a scientist and meet a Lindsay animal ambassador. Then the scouts get inside the Museum to study specimens from Lindsay's Natural History collection. The activity takes about 50 mins and could serve as an opportunity for the scouts to learn key skills in wildlife and to get some wildlife- related requirements (Second Class 4 and First Class 5a) signed off. In addition to that, scouts will get the Lindsey Wildlife Experience badge.

The Cost: $10

Meeting Place: Bollinger Park N Ride

OSPL: Navya Vijay

OSM: Mrs Zou


Start Date: 06/24/22, 6:00PM

End Date: 06/26/22, 2:00PM

All Day: No

Nights: 2

Location: Sugarloaf, Walnut Creek

Description: Minimum of 6 scouts needed.

Patrol and meal planning will be hour before troop meeting on June 14th, and gear check 1/2 hour before troop meeting on June 21st.

Leave Fri 6pm - Meet for carpooling Gale Ranch MS

Return after 1pm Sunday at Gale Ranch MS


OSPL - Pranati

OSM - Mrs. Hurrey


Start Date: 07/23/22, 11:15PM

End Date: 07/23/22, 3:30PM

All Day: No

Amount: 0

Location: Diablo Bowmen

Description: Through a session run by Diablo Bowmen, Scouts will get the opportunity to practice their archery skills in preparation for summer camp. Be sure to sign up for a new adventurous experience! Equipment will be provided.

Meeting place: Bollinger Park N Ride

OSPL: Sara Gadad

OSM: Mr. Gadad

Summer Camp

Start Date: 07/31/22

End Date: 08/06/22

All Day: Yes

Nights: 6

Location: Willits, CA (Mendocino County)

Description: Wente Scout Reservation is a Nationally Accredited BSA Scout Camp owned and operated by the Golden Gate Area Council.

Comprised of over 2200 acres of private property, Wente is one of the largest Scout Camps on the West Coast. Wente Scout Reservation offers a chance to hike, backpack, sail, mountain bike, fish, ride horses, and go rock climbing all in one week. Scouts can try their hand at black powder musket firing, kayaking, and rappelling. Expert instruction in popular outdoor skill merit badges will make the Scoutcraft area come alive. Wente is rich in wildlife and allows for the study of conservation, reforestation, wildlife management, woodcraft, and nature study. Rifle, shotgun, and archery shooting are also popular activities.

The tall Douglas Fir, Redwoods, Madrones, and golden meadows spell adventure for those that like to rough it and test their skills. Their private 80-acre lake is a great place for swimming, small boat sailing, kayaking, and canoeing, and it is considered one of the warmest lakes in the state. The lake also offers some prime fishin' with many trophy big-mouth bass caught by both the expert and novice anglers alike.


Start Date: 08/27/22, 8:00AM

End Date: 08/28/22, 6:00PM

All Day: No

Hours: 10

Location: Sierra Whitewater, Lotus, CA

Description: Join T126 to earn a Whitewater Merit Badge. The best way to learn is through doing. With whitewater rafting, scouts work together fostering friendships and their own abilities while having adventures to last a lifetime. And of course, Scouts can complete their whitewater merit badge!

This multi-day trip includes rafting instruction and 2 rafting trips to explore both sections of the beautiful South Fork of the American River. Along with the thrill of taking on class III and III+ rapids, there will be many opportunities to swim and jump into the water, and to enjoy prepared lunches along the river. You will spend 1 night camping under the stars near the river, with scout cooking opportunities for dinner and breakfast. Learn more here: https://sierrawhitewater.com/

The deadline to register is 7/15 and there must be a minimum of 6 scouts attending, but the more scouts, the more fun you'll have! Don't worry about the rapids being too difficult (the minimum age is 7 years old) or the water too cold (they provide dry tops and wet suits) or not having enough water (it's dam release)! Though you will wear PFDs, you must pass the T126 swimmers test to participate.

Cost includes all whitewater rafting trip costs, meals, and 2 ASMs to participate (including transportation by ASMs). ASM fees are reduced if more than 6 scouts participate.

OSM: Susie Hurrey

OSPL: Lauren Huang

ILST(Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops)

Start Date: 09/10/22, 9:00AM

End Date: 09/10/22, 3:00PM

All Day: No

Hours: 6

Location: Ramona Park

Description: The purpose of the ILST course is to teach Scouts with leadership positions about their new roles and how to most effectively reach success in that role. It is intended to help Scouts in leadership positions within their troop understand their responsibilities and to equip them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities.

The Troop's Annual Planning will also be part of the overall event.

(Attendance is OPEN to ALL SCOUTs but is mandatory for those in a LEADERSHIP role following the Troop Election.)